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  'taxonomy' => $taxonomy_array_value,          
  'field' => 'slug',
  'terms' => array( $term_name )

This is my code where $taxonomy_array_value and $term_name are variables coming from ajax.

First Case :
$taxonomy_array_value = Colors and $term_name = 'red' then WP_Query is working fine.

Second Case :
$taxonomy_array_value = Colors and %term_name = 'red','green' but in this case it's not working.

While instead of using variable if I direct pass 'red','green' in 'terms' then it's working fine but not working with variable Don't know why.

Here is my code from which I am getting $term_name

$term_name = "'" . implode("','", $term_value_array) . "'";
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Please reformat your question. Thanks. – kaiser May 26 '13 at 12:49
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'terms' => $term_value_array

instead of

'terms' => array( $term_name )

It looks like the problem is that you use array("'red','green'") instead of the array structure: array('red','green') that you want.

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Thanks for answer and you know what I already did it before your answer and another thing that you answered in my one other question Thanks for that Thankyou so much. – Bhuvnesh Gupta May 26 '13 at 12:24
great to hear it worked out for you, good luck with your project. – birgire May 26 '13 at 12:28

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