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I've got lots and lots of photos on my site and I want to seperate them into albums. Every album is a client album (photoshoot).

Though.. I want all my clients to query their album on my site. Something like: *Go to site, page "View your album!", fill in a search bar with unique id (e.g. Client.001.2013) and click non 'Show'. Now they see all their photos (that share the same id, (e.g. Client.001.2013).

So summarized: I need two things (I guess), a way to give all my photos an ID/tag/Taxonomy (back-end) and a search bar on the front end of the site, so people can query those ID's/Tags/Taxonomies, so they see all pictures who share the same ID.

What can you people advise me?

++ for thosesuggestions of a plugin that automatically nicely shows all the queried images in a gallery order or such.


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you can search google for WordPress plugins.

check these may be work for you

  1. Photosmash Galleries
  2. WP Photo Album Plus
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