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I am building a movie site, here is the codes to get the taxonomies

function display_post_taxonomies( $content ) {

    if( is_single() ) {

        $args = array( 'public' => true, '_builtin' => false );

        $output = 'objects';

        $operator = 'and';

        $taxonomies = get_taxonomies( $args, $output, $operator );

        if( $taxonomies ) {

            $content .= '';

            foreach( $taxonomies as $taxonomy ) {

                $args = array(
                                'orderby'               => 'name',
                                'echo'                  => false,
                                'taxonomy'              => $taxonomy->name,
                                'title_li'              => '' . __( $taxonomy->labels->name, 'your-themes-text-domain' ) . '',
                                'show_option_none'      => __( 'No ' . $taxonomy->labels->name, 'your-themes-text-domain' )

                $content .= '
    ' . wp_list_categories( $args ) . '
'; } $content .= ''; } } return $content; }

The first $args is generic to display all not built in taxonomies, but I want to exclude couple of taxonomies but I couldn't If I want to show just one taxonomy I'll use this code

$args = array( 'name' => 'actors');

So I've tried the following codes but it didn't work

$args = array( 
 'name' => array( 'actors', 'directors', 'musicians' )

How can I do it? Thanks in advance.

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I believe your error is in the if ( $taxonomies ) statement, I believe you want if ( is_taxonomy( $taxonomy ); ) see this link for further usages.

I'm not at home so I can't test this, but I think the option you present should work, as mentioned here.

$args = array( 
 'name' => array( 'actors', 'directors', 'musicians' )

And I think you should also remove the . from $content .= ''; making it $content = '';, this error repeats itself 3x.

I would also like to know, when you use the code $args = array( 'name' => 'actors'); does the code perform as intended?

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