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I created a page called "Sitemap" with a permalink of http://domain.com/subfolder/sitemap/. On this page I used [wp-realtime-sitemap].

When I try to access this page I have two different behavior:

http://domain.com/subfolder/sitemap/ -> 404 not found (sitemap.xml/)
http://domain.com/subfolder/sitemap -> XML Sitemap

I'm using WP Realtime Sitemap and Google XML Sitemap.

My .htaccess has no redirect in it so I think these two plugins are conflicting each other. How can I resolve this?

It would be nice if http://domain.com/subfolder/sitemap/ would show my created page. Because /sitemap is changed to /sitemap/ I think both URLs should show me my created page. The XML Sitemap is already available under http://domain.com/subfolder/sitemap.xml ..

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