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I am trying to build a little settings area to change the strings of some text (image urls & links) on the homepage via the dashboard.

I have found a useful tutorial which provides the plugin structure (http://wakeusup.com/2011/11/how-to-create-plugin-options-page-in-wordpress/) , but when I try and change the 'key' (not sure if this is the correct term, but it is within the link) it wont display the text, tho when using 'kkpo_quote' as the key it works, I have searched both files and substituted all instances of kkpo_quote for 'exampletext' to no avail.

What am I doing wrong? and is it simple to add another key?

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As I understood you correctly you just want to rename 'kkpo_quote' and you have conflict. Not to have conflict try to replace all 'kkpo_quote' with same name, for example: if you replace 'kkpo_quote' with 'new_quote' in register_setting(KKPLUGINOPTIONS_ID.'_options', 'new_quote'); then make sure that you replace it with 'new_quote' where ever is 'kkpo_quote' There is 7 times apearing in that tutorial 'kkpo_quote'

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